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ACARA - Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority -100s of specially curated video and audio clips, all mapped to the Australian Curriculum.
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Adobe Connect -NSW Curriculums
Multimodal texts definition
Old and new Maths curriculums
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Online Etymology Dictionary
Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded ES1, S1 S2 & S3 units

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Instructional Strategies and Reading Tighes Hill PS

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Multimodal Texts

Super 6,31522.html?issueID=12141
Super 6 Blog
Super 6 Explicit Teaching resources
Lizzie Cases Super 6 resources Helensburg PS Apps and software for Multimodal texts creation
Super 6 San Juan A large range of multimodal texts with teacher notes

Creating Multimodal texts
Into the Book Comprehension

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